Skymesh Vision
Our mission is to organize the 3rd dimension, and make it universally accessible and useful for everyone.

Skymesh team



Use Cases

Skymesh Use Cases
  • Agriculture surveys for crop health, soil health, and livestock monitoring.
  • Search & Rescue prior to first responder arrival.
  • Escort students back to dorm on college campuses.
  • Scaring off birds at airports.
  • Telepresence for law enforcement when approaching suspects.
  • Periodic monitoring of high risk crime areas.
  • Package delivery beyond the range of a single drone.
  • & many more just waiting to be discovered!


Hersh Amin

CEO & Founder

  • Hersh Amin
    • Rocket Scientist
    • Have been thinkering with drones since 12.
    • Experience leading Aerospace teams.
    • Private pilot when not working on drones.
    • Mentors UT Senior design drone class.
    • Bonus: Vision to make flying accessible to everyone!

Jim Dutton

CTO & Co-Founder

  • Jim Dutton
    • Serial Entrepreneur
    • Co-founded several companies with respect to distributed architecture.
    • Holds patents in distributed algorithms.
    • Lots of experience leading software teams.
    • Bonus: In-house parental guidance!

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